Introducing Fabric mission control

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Introducing Fabric mission control

Since we launched the Fabric mobile app for developers in February, we’ve been using Fabric’s web dashboard ( to stay on top of how our own app is performing. Many times we found ourselves switching back and forth between different dashboards for our production and dogfood builds. Knowing that many of you monitor a lot more apps every day, we set out to build something that can make this experience completely seamless and empower you to know your apps’ performance easily at any moment.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Fabric mission controlthe pulse of all your apps on a single, intuitive dashboard.

One stop to keep up with all your apps

When key information about your apps lives across different dashboards, it’s hard for the team to have the context they need to make the best decisions. While Fabric today gives you the #1 crash reporting and mobile analytics tools that show you the pulse of your apps, those insights live on different dashboards on We wanted to take that experience to a whole new level.

Introducing Fabric mission control

With Fabric mission control, we bring together the critical top level information across all your apps onto one single dashboard. Now, you get a complete view to easily see the pulse of your apps at a glance.

We’ll be rolling out access and enabling the mission control dashboard for all customers over the next few days. Once it’s enabled on your account, it will automatically be set as your default starting page when visiting You can easily toggle mission control on and off to chose the dashboard experience that works best for you.

From our friends at BuzzFeed:

“Fabric’s new mission control is the first thing we look at everyday. We have it up on the TVs at our office so we can monitor our DAU, crash rate etc. across all of our key apps at any given moment.”

Ryan Johnson, BuzzFeed

Data that truly matters — front and center

It’s important to stay on top of the most critical issues affecting your apps. Fabric sifts through millions of issues and events every day and brings you the most important information about your apps. We’ve distilled all that data on your mission control so you can hone in on the areas that need your attention right now.

Introducing Fabric mission control

On your new mission control, you can jump straight to critical issues or see a summary of how your top build is performing. If you’re wondering how well-tested your latest beta is, you can see that as soon as you open your web dashboard.

Key apps and data points —instantly accessible

Fabric lets you decide which apps you want to focus on, and in which order on mission control. Simply favorite an app to pin it to the top or reorder your apps so that the most important ones are the first you see.

Introducing Fabric mission control

You can also easily locate an app or a number of apps via the search bar built right into your mission control. When searching, we filter the list in real-time to only show the apps that match what you are looking for. Clicking on each metric takes you directly to the details you need.

Introducing Fabric mission control

We couldn’t be happier to get this into your hands. We truly believe that the new Fabric mission control is yet another huge step toward our mission to help you build the best apps. Sign into and check out the new mission control!

See it in action 

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