How we express love on Twitter

Friday, 12 February 2016

Every day across the globe, love is expressed on Twitter in many different forms and languages. In honour of Valentine’s Day, we want to highlight how the newest “language of love” is the universal use of emojis within Tweets. To determine which emoji is the most loved of them all, we’ve ranked and visualised “the most popular love-related emojis on Twitter” below.

How we express love on Twitter

When it comes to love there is more than one way to win someone’s affections, but in Australia is seems the best way to win someone’s heart is through their stomach!

How we express love on Twitter

Every day people use Twitter to express moments of love — big and small. Whether it’s love between a mom and daughter, star and fan, or best friends, people send heartwarming and truly sweet Tweets to celebrate love of all kinds on Twitter.

The ultimate Twitter love story is this couple who met through Twitter and had a Twitter-themed proposal.

Cody Simpson hopes to find his wife at a hot yoga class.

Aussie comedian Josh Thomas gets unexpected Twitter love from Lena Dunham.

NSW Premier Mike Baird, gives his #BachelorAU advice.

Proud mother Victoria Beckham Tweeted a picture of her daughter at ballet practice.

Friends Viola Davis and Kerry Washington celebrated one another.

Channing Tatum Tweeted a sweet message to his wife.

And lastly, a couple who met on Twitter counted down to their wedding, which they shared on Periscope.