#XFactorAU delivers its most visually immersive series yet on Twitter

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

For years, Twitter has been an integral way to join the real-time conversation around entertainment blockbusters like @Channel7’s #XFactorAU. With the introduction of video, GIFs, and photos on Twitter, this year’s @TheXFactor_AU has been the most immersive yet with fans able to instantly re-watch captivating moments seconds after they’ve taken place.

There’s no better example of the power of Twitter than during the #XFactorAU live shows and this year has been no exception with @Channel7 and @FMAustralia pulling out all the stops to delight viewers and fans in real time.

Twitter has seen a 150x increase in video consumption in the last 12 months, so it comes as no surprise to see video front and centre of this year’s #XFactorAU Twitter strategy. Here are a few great examples.

Anyone can upload videos up to 30 seconds on Twitter via the mobile app or on Twitter.com. Because of this it’s never been easier to share candid behind-the-scene moments like this.

Video announcements
#XFactorAU hosts some of the biggest stars in the world so it makes sense to make those announcements even more engaging by sharing video. Here’s a great example about tonight’s highly anticipated duet between @KylieMinogue and @DanniiMinogue.

Video Q&As
Twitter is the home of real-time Q&A and you can now integrate video into this to help drive engagement from fans.

With 80% of Twitter users consuming Tweets on mobile it makes sense to include GIFs in your content strategy, especially during live broadcast when fans are often using Twitter as their second-screen. #XFactorAU has fully embraced this by bringing every big moment to Twitter in GIF form in a matter of seconds.

Plus if you create your GIFs using @SnappyTV — a free tool for partners to create video, GIFs and images from your broadcaster — you can even make them ScratchReels (GIFs that can be scrubbed frame by frame using a finger or a mouse cursor).

Including photos in Tweets can help boost your chances of getting Retweets. #XFactorAU has recognised this, so makes their Tweets as visual as possible with multi-photo uploads of the show’s style and fashion, a candid behind-the-scenes moment before the Grand Finalists take to the stage, and photoshop fun to highlight some of the show’s biggest in-jokes.

Make sure you’re following @thexfactor_au alongside tonight’s Grand Final Live Decider on @Channel7 at 7:30pm.