Thursday, 22 January 2015

#VineYear2Thanks to you, Vine’s second year was incredible. The Vines you created and stories you shared brought us together more than ever this year. Though it’s impossible to capture everything that happened, we did our best to tell the story of year 2 though a playlist of some of our favourite moments. Check it out here.

These Vines capture the breadth of emotion, activity and creativity we get to experience every day. From trends that originate on the platform and develop a life of their own to those that capture a unique perspective on events around the globe, you made great things and their impact was felt far outside of our app.

In addition to creating and sharing, you guys watched a lot of Vines — like, literally more than 347,186,768,222 loops, and that’s just since we started counting in April, 2014.

We’d love for you to celebrate year 2 with us and recreate your favorite Vines from the last year using #VineYear2. Our birthday is January 24, and we’ll be sharing #VineYear2 posts during the week.

As year 2 comes to a close, we want to thank you for sharing your life with us and helping make Vine what it is. We couldn’t be more excited for year 3.