Twitter Australia and @WomensAgenda combine to encourage women to communicate from a #positionofstrength

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Twitter is a powerful tool to create positive change for women around the world and is an incredible platform for driving conversation and building community amongst women.

That is why @TwitterAU has joined forces with @WomensAgenda to launch the #positionofstrength initiative, which aims to empower women to strengthen women’s voices on Twitter, and to arm them with strategies and tools to stay safe online.

Yesterday, some of Australia’s most influential female Twitter users, including politicians, business leaders, journalists, academics and elite sportswomen met to discuss how women can use Twitter to build their profile, promote their voice and broaden their influence.

Marina Go, General Manager of Hearst-Bauer Media, has been an avid Twitter user for four years and uses the platform to “combat rumours (and) dispel myths” without the “filter” of traditional media.

These sentiments around Twitter providing a unique platform for unfiltered voice were echoed by Women’s Agenda’s Angela Priestley and Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore.

The women who attended the luncheon were generous in exchanging their personal experiences and triumphs using Twitter, and sharing why they love the platform.

When discussing some of their challenges online, the participants shared some excellent insights and effective strategies in dealing with conflict, as it arises.

Please see the official recap of the luncheon, from @WomensAgenda.

Going forward, there will be a series of #positionofstrength workshops and events designed to encourage more women to find their voice online and raise it, as well as some great content from @WomensAgenda on what we can all learn from influential women on Twitter. Keep your eye on the #positionofstrength hashtag for all the latest updates on the campaign and how you can get involved. To close, a few more of our favourite tweets on the day.