The stars of @Trainwreckmovie meet the Bondi Hipsters in Twitter’s #Blueroom

Friday, 31 July 2015

Since the launch of @TwitterAU’s #Blueroom we’ve seen a host of stars drop by, but nothing could prepare us for the moment the Bondi Hipsters came face-to-face with @AmySchumer and Bill Hader, star of the blockbuster @TrainwreckMovie.

The soon to be completed four-part series saw the Bondi Hipsters unafraid to ask the hard hitting questions of the comedy superstars, and as these strictly adults-only videos show, things got a little crazy!

It got a little awkward as the secret of Amy and Bill’s success was explored.

An austere discussion on the art of filmmaking got slightly derailed.

Hollywood’s stereotyping also received a thorough grilling.

Part four of the video is coming soon and is set to be just be explosive! We’ll update this blog when it’s live.

Beyond their #BlueRoom hijinks, @amyschumer and Bill Hader spent several days Down Under promoting @TrainwreckMovie. Here’s a selection of some of the hilarious Twitter moments from their trip.