Testing Promoted Tweets on our logged-out experience

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Earlier this year we broadened the availability of ad syndication, so that marketers can —with a single click — expand their campaigns from Twitter to a much larger audience. Now, we’re taking this a step further with a test for marketers to reach the over 500 million people who visit Twitter each month to keep in touch with what’s happening without logging in. This includes people who click on links to Tweets in Google search, who will now be able to consume branded, Promoted content alongside organic Tweets.

Testing Promoted Tweets on our logged-out experience

(example of a Promoted Tweet being shown on a logged-out profile page)

By letting marketers scale their campaigns and tap into the total Twitter audience, they will be able to speak to more people in new places using the same targeting, ad creative, and measurement tools. Marketers can now maximise the opportunities they have to connect with that audience.

“People read Tweets well beyond just the Twitter app, in thousands of other apps, online, TV, news reporting and in a multitude of other places. “The total Twitter audience includes anybody who comes to Twitter after seeing content via these media channels, whether they have an account or not. For the first time, we can now reach this group, significantly increasing the audience for our content.”

Nigel Lopez-McBean@lopezmcbeanDirector, Social Marketing & Creative Services, @Optus

Initially this test will support campaigns driving website clicks or conversions, or video views. To start, these Promoted Tweets and Videos will appear on profile pages and Tweet detail pages on desktop web only.

We are rolling this out gradually with selected advertisers in the US, UK, Japan, and Australia (including @Optus) with more geographies in the future.