Musical memes catching fire on Vine

Monday, 2 November 2015

When stars release new tracks, they can quickly become fan favourites and memes on Twitter and Vine. Two recent musical happenings — Drake’s #Hotline Bling and the release of @Adele’s new single, “Hello”, blew up on both platforms. We saw all kinds of people reacting to these new songs and clips in the form of their own Tweets, videos, and Vines.

Here are some of fantastic Australian examples responding to Drake and Adele from @BuzzFeedOZ and @YouTubeHits, which include a range of well-known people like @TroyeSivan, @Jenna_Marbles, and Kath and Kel from ‘Kath and Kim’.

@TroyeSivan takes on @Adele in six seconds:

Vlogger @Jenna_Marbles has her shot:

Kath and Kel hit the stage featuring #HotlineBling:

Remember Babe? How clever is this? (by the @BuzzFeedOZ team):

Quite a mash-up, featuring @Adele and @jasonderulo:

Finally, if you love a little bit of @Chrislilley, check out Mr.G’s #HotlineBling: