Introducing ads editor

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Our goal is to help advertisers of all sizes easily deliver the right message, to the right users, at precisely the right moment — and we understand that managing large scale campaigns can be time-consuming. Today, we’re excited to introduce ads editor, a new tool that enables advertisers to seamlessly create and edit numerous campaigns at once.

How it works
With ads editor, you can leverage the power of Excel to manage your campaigns at scale. For example, if you’d like to edit your campaign end dates, budgets and targeting criteria, you can simply download a spreadsheet of the campaigns you’d like to modify and make changes directly in Excel. Then you can upload the updated spreadsheet to apply those changes instantly, with a single click.

You can also create new campaigns by entering your campaign information into a spreadsheet, and then uploading it to ads editor.

Over the last few months, we’ve heard from our beta partners about how ads editor has helped streamline the ads creation and optimisation process:

“The ads editor is something my team has been requesting for ages — we are so thrilled to have it in place now and have gained huge time efficiencies so far while using the tool to make changes across our 100+ global campaigns. It is glorious.”

Sarah Olson, Supervisor, Search & Social, Resolution Media

We believe that ads editor is an important step forward for Twitter as it will help all advertisers to manage their campaigns more efficiently. For us it is a massive help as we are dealing with uploads and optimisations across large volumes of campaigns every day so it has definitely proven time effective.” 

Giovanni Sarazani, Biddable Associate Director, Precision Marketing, Starcom Mediavest Group

 Get started

The ads editor will start rolling out to a percentage of advertisers today and will be available to all advertisers globally over the next few weeks. Advertisers will receive a notification in when the tool has been turned on for their account.

To get started, log in to and select “Ads editor” from the Tools menu or visit our Help Centre to learn more.