How #ImACelebrityAU topped the Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings

Friday, 13 March 2015

The recent launch of the @NielsenSocialAU Twitter TV Ratings (NTTR) allows networks and producers to track the volume and reach of the public conversation around Australia’s most popular television shows. One new show punching above its weight has been @ImACelebrityAU, largely thanks to its slick array of Twitter integrations.

Over the last few weeks, #ImACelebrityAU has become one of Australia’s most engaging and talked-about TV shows, as demonstrated by the NTTR Weekly Top 5 ratings which you can subscribe to at @NielsenSocialAU.

@ChannelTen and @ITVStudiosAus achieved this through Twitter integrations that delivered around three key areas: impact, influencers, video.

Every day millions of Australians turn to Twitter to express their opinions and be heard, so the most successful integrations are often those where the audience can make the greatest impact. As we’ve seen in other successful formats such as #MKR, audiences naturally flock to Twitter to have their say about reality TV and when their voice can change the course of the show, that engagement multiplies.

In an Aussie first, #ImACelebrityAU integrated Twitter voting into the series allowing fans to decide in real time who will take part in the next trial or be saved from elimination by sending or Retweeting a Tweet containing a #celebNAME voting hashtag.

And that wasn’t the only way that fans’ Tweets made an impact on-air. They also starred in a weekly segment where the celebrity campers guessed who was being Tweeted about and won prizes for correct answers. This fun, play-along game rewarded fans for their engagement while reflecting the huge, positive conversation about #ImACelebrityAU in the show itself.

To expand your reach on Twitter it’s important to consider not just how many people are Tweeting about your program but who is Tweeting about your program.

#ImACelebrityAU has been incredibly successful in getting celebrities, bloggers and other influencers to live-Tweet each episode and the most effective way to do this is start with your own talent.

Throughout the series, hosts Julia Morris (@ladyjmo) and Dr. Chris Brown (@bondivet) have extended their humour and commentary into the Twittersphere with behind-the-scene quips and pics:

And they weren’t the only ones, because even though the Celebrity Campers were deep in the jungle away from technology they enlisted friends, family and other celebrities to take over their Twitter accounts to cheer them on.

This year Twitter-hosted video launched for all users and it is quickly becoming the most engaging type of media on the platform. The @ImACelebrityAU account has fully embraced it by Tweeting out show highlights. 

The show’s use of video has also been employed to give fans a peak at some behind-the-scenes moments.

With the Grand Final only days away the conversation on Twitter is heating up. Who will win the first series of #ImACelebrityAU — #CelebChrissie, #CelebFreddie or #CelebBarry? Find out 6:30pm Sunday on @ChannelTen.