How brands and #CWC15 fans will stay in the game with Twitter

Friday, 6 February 2015

Sport is at its best when it’s live, and Twitter will be the ideal partner for cricket fans wanting to hear the roar of the crowd during the Cricket World Cup (#CWC15). Because Twitter is about moments, it will also present the perfect opportunity for brands to connect with consumers.

How Aussie Twitter users will watch #CWC15
As recent research from @Nielsen suggests, Twitter is the second screen whilst watching TV, creating a space where fans and experts can engage in live commentary – in the moment – across sports:

  • 50% of Tweets about TV in 2013 were sport related
  • 492M Tweets sent in 2013 were about sports events

Additionally, half of the top ten most-Tweeted moments in Australia in 2014 were about sport.

To better understand how Aussie cricket fans will use Twitter during the #CWC15, we commissioned the Cricket Moments Study* and the results are pretty clear: Twitter users love cricket!

More than half of Australian Twitter users are fans of cricket, and most of them will follow the #CWC15:

How brands and #CWC15 fans will stay in the game with Twitter

The research also found that most cricket fans on Twitter come from a relatively younger demographic:

How brands and #CWC15 fans will stay in the game with TwitterThroughout the #CWC15, Twitter will carry the roar of the crowd as fans inside the stadium – and those watching at home, online or in pubs around the nation – Tweet their response to the action.

During the matches, Aussie Twitter cricket fans say they will Twet about the big moments — the wickets, a big innings, or when their team wins or loses. They also engage with the wider fan community on Twitter, and even the players of the competing teams.

How brands and #CWC15 fans will stay in the game with Twitter

Driving brand engagement during #CWC15
Cricket fans on Twitter follow an average of 22 brands on the platform, so their enthusiasm for cricket also creates multiple opportunities for brands to interact with these users on Twitter. In fact, many users say they are more likely to engage with a brand who is Tweeting about #CWC15.

How brands and #CWC15 fans will stay in the game with Twitter

In the lead up to the tournament, cricket fans are already interacting with brands on Twitter:

  • 36% have clicked on a Twitter link to find out more about a promotion
  • 30% have followed an ongoing conversation related to campaign
  • 29% have read of Retweeted or clicked a link in a Promoted Tweet
  • 26% have followed a Promoted Account

So how can brands make the most out of the #CWC15? Here’s our three tips:

  1. Amplify your impact through always on and moment-focused activity
  2. Include exclusive promotions, discounts and contests
  3. Leverage the value of your followers to accelerate brand affinity

For more tips on how you can get in the game with the Cricket World Cup, contact your @TwitterAU account team. Click here to download our #CWC15 infographic.

Source: Cricket Moments Study, Twitter and TNS Singapore, January 2015
Base: Screener incidence - those intending to watch Cricket World Cup (Australia)