#WhatsNext for BBC First’s Twitter drama

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

To launch their new premium British drama channel @BBCFirstAus, the BBC are giving fans on Twitter an Australian-first the chance to create the storyline of their own drama with writer and director @GracieOtto.

Every day this week, @GracieOtto is guest-Tweeting from @BBCFirstAus to crowdsource a dramatic narrative. Using the hashtag #WhatsNext, users can help @GracieOtto craft the twists and turns of an evolving story, written 140 characters at a time.

As fans on Twitter make suggestions in real time, @GracieOtto will introduce props and thematic inspiration to shape a coherent and compelling story.

Each following day, the latest installment will be released on @BBCFirstAus and the BBC Australia website where Twitter-contributors will be credited and can see how their Tweets have been weaved into the story.

To kick things off, @GracieOtto has developed a narrative framework with five characters. Over five days, the audience will decide each of their fates.

  • The Heiress: Mid-20s, blonde and naïve. Recently inherited an international chain of hotels after the mysterious death of her father.
  • The Politician: Mid-40s, conservative, good-looking and ambitious but with a tragic flaw.
  • The Actress: Late-30s, glamorous and brunette. Alluring, seductive and motivated by greed.
  • The Russian Oligarch: Early-50s, mega wealthy and questionable morals. Seemingly respected in society but hides a dark secret.
  • The Concierge: 60s and has taken on a father-figure role to The Heiress. Friend and confidante to The Actress and The Politician.

The complete BBC First Twitter drama will be released in its entirety online at bbcaustralia.com/whatsnext and via Twitter next week.

Follow the action at @BBCFirstAUS and get involved by Tweeting using hashtag #WhatsNext.