Twitter is your all-access pass to "The Voice" finals

Monday, 14 July 2014

After giving you a front row seat at @TheVoiceAU blind auditions, you’ll have unprecedented access to #TheVoiceAU live Finals shows on Twitter, from backstage all the way to the coaches’ chairs.

During this year’s live shows, #TheVoiceAU outfitted the artists’ green room with a Twitter Mirror. From there, they tweeted out support for fellow artists performing onstage, reacting in real time to eliminations and generally just having a bit of fun!

As these Tweets show, having Twitter open while you’re watching the show is the ideal way to see #TheVoiceAU story unfold live on all your screens at once.

#TheVoiceAU-related Tweets sent by @iamwill during last week’s show recorded 3.7 million impressions alone

And whether it’s @TheEllenShow at the Oscars or backstage at “The Voice,” Twitter is the home of the selfie — the perfect platform to take and share photos instantly with the world.

#TheVoiceAU coaches are global superstars in their own right, and all understand the importance and value of using Twitter to build and connect with a fanbase.

In particular, @iamwill and @kylieminogue have been providing fantastic live commentary with their unique perspectives on each performance, plus insights into the drama and emotion of watching contestants leave the competition.

Their approach also highlights the amazing reach of the platform: #TheVoiceAU-related Tweets sent by @iamwill during last week’s show recorded 3.7 million impressions alone. Here’s a look at some of these Tweets from the popular #TheVoiceAU coach.

Twitter is the perfect partner for live commentary and conversation around any event, and #TheVoiceAU Finals will be no different. Whether you’re a celebrity or a fan at home, stay tuned in to Twitter and #TheVoiceAU to enjoy every moment of the performances, connect with other fans, and guess at what will happen next.