The top five most-tweeted episodes of #TheVoiceAU 2014

Monday, 21 July 2014

#TheVoiceAU is down to its final five and the anticipation is building for tonight’s exciting grand finale as fans wait to see which of ZK, Johnny Rollins, Jackson Thomas, Anja Nissen and Frank Lakoudis will take out the 2014 series.

Twitter brought you closer than ever to #TheVoiceAU finals and throughout the series, with exclusive access from the green room to the coaches’ chairs. And this year, a new trend emerged — celebrity coaches @iamwill, @kylieminogue, @ricky_martin and @JoelMadden connected with fans and followers on Twitter, asking them to vote and save members of their respective teams.

These rallying calls for support have been so effective that the semi-final’s vote took the mantle as the most tweeted episode of #TheVoiceAU 2014 when @iamwill asked his Twitter army to save Anja.

Here’s our full list of the top five most-tweeted episodes of #TheVoiceAU this series:

  1. Live semi-final, July 14: For the first time, a fifth artist was voted into the grand finale via a flash vote. took to Twitter to persuade Australia to advance Anja as the fifth grand finalist. 
  2. First blind audition show, May 4: Popular live show finalist Kat Jade won over Australia with her snort — and a place on #TeamKylie
  3. Second blind audition show, May 5: from Robbie Balmer and Lij Gilmour and some dance moves from Kylie. 
  4. First battles show, May 25: The battles began here. 
  5. Third blind audition show, May 6: Kylie has an unfortunate ‘chair malfunction’. 

Enjoy the big moments of tonight’s grand finale and remember to follow #TheVoiceAU for extraordinary access to all the coaches, performers and behind the scenes action!