The best Valentine’s Day serenades happened on Twitter

Monday, 17 February 2014

From @JustinBieber, @therealbanksy to @Australia or @Telstra, we saw lots of brands and celebrities tweeting their lovely Valentine’s Day messages. One creative campaign that stood out for us in Australia: #IGAlovesongs. The idea was simple and built on what makes Twitter special: real-time, public conversations that connect people with others.

@IGAaustralia kicked off their presence on Twitter with Australia Day and it ramped up around Valentine’s Day with the lovely #IGAlovesongs campaign. The week leading to Valentine’s Day, @IGAaustralia encouraged customers to tweet a picture or a message for a loved one using #IGAlovesongs.

On February 14th, @IGAaustralia with the creative talents of @Radical_Orange replied to each user who tweeted a message to #IGAlovesongs with a personalized love song. Here are some of the videos we loved best amongst the many created:

Even @TheWiggles got their love song:

And nothing cuter than @GuideDogsNSWACT:

With all of this Valentine’s Day goodness, no wonder that followers of @IGAaustalia more than doubled since the start of the campaign.

We can’t wait to see what Australian advertisers come up with next on Twitter - perhaps something with Easter Bunnies?