Tackling climate change at #CampEarthHour

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Recently, I was lucky enough to be selected to represent @TwitterAU as one of just 40 community ambassadors from around Australia at #CampEarthHour, a climate change workshop on the Great Barrier Reef’s Heron Island.

The workshop, designed to build on the @EarthHour “Lights Out for the Reef” campaign, brought together people from both community and corporate Australia to develop a new look Earth Hour, which will involve year-round community action on climate change, building on the Lights Out moment in March each year.

Over three days we heard from leading climate scientists, community organisers and locals living on the Great Barrier Reef. There were also many shared stories of local communities and individuals doing incredible work protecting their environment and spreading the Earth Hour message.

It was a genuine honour to be involved with this fantastic group of volunteers in developing a new direction for Earth Hour and playing a part to reach the wider Australian community with such a powerful and important message.

Tackling climate change at #CampEarthHour

Image used with permission of @sproutdaily

As a lover of the outdoors, surfing and the ocean I am deeply concerned by the pollution that I have experienced first hand through waste being dumped into the sea. I’m passionate about protecting the environment and the legacy that I leave to my children. I will continue my work on behalf of Twitter with Earth Hour team and other ambassadors to develop Twitter strategies to spread Earth Hour’s message of community action on climate change culminating in the Lights Out moment in March 2015.

And while we were hard at work all weekend, we were lucky enough to have time to do some snorkelling right off the island with turtles, marvelling at pristine coral, and following brightly coloured fish along the reef’s edge.

Tackling climate change at #CampEarthHour

Tackling climate change at #CampEarthHour

Images used with permission of @sproutdaily

Thank you to everyone at @EarthHour for the amazing opportunity to represent @TwitterAU as part of this inspiring experience. Watch this space for updates and to learn more about the important work being done by @EarthHour, visit earthhour.org.au.