Send a Tweet and never miss your favourite TV show again

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Twitter has proved itself to be the perfect companion for watching television. Now, thanks to Aussie start-up @CalReply, not only can you Tweet about and join the conversation about your favourites, you can even use Twitter to set TV show reminders on your smartphone.

While the @Socceroos might have long been knocked out of the tournament, there is still the pointy end of an exciting #WorldCup to enjoy. Thanks to @CalReply, you can easily download the rest of the schedule on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a second — particularly handy for those who aren’t great at working out time zone differences!

Here’s how:

  1. Open Twitter
  3. Swipe down to refresh your notifications
  4. Click the link in the reply
  5. Click ‘Add to calendar

Send a Tweet and never miss your favourite TV show again

Image used with permission of @CalReply

It isn’t just @SBSTV that is taking advantage of this fantastic technology. This Sydney-based start-up has broadcasters from Brazil, Spain and the UK using the @CalReply reminders to help viewers in those countries ensure they can love every second of the #WorldCup on TV and on Twitter.

And if you’re not a soccer fan there are plenty of other uses, such as setting a reminder to vote at the India elections, never miss a moment of the IPL cricket or tuning in to a new drama series such as Salem.

We’re loving seeing Australian ingenuity help strengthen the link behind Twitter and TV. Who knows what other Twitter-related conveniences we’ll be seeing in the future!