Rules and tools to help you stay smart online

Monday, 2 June 2014

Today @TwitterAU is pleased to kick off its engagement in the Australian Government’s seventh annual Stay Smart Online Week (#SSOW2014). It is an important week and Twitter is committed to raising awareness and creating a positive and safe experience for our users.

This year’s ‘On The Go’ theme is certainly fitting, as Australia has one of the highest rates of smartphone uptake in the world. According to Nielsen research, three quarters of us access social media on the run by following our favourite celebrities, sharing sporting highlights, or watching TV and video online.

Rules and tools to help you stay smart online

In a particularly creative approach, a #SSOW2014 song has been released to mark the week, with brilliant lyrics that underscore some really important safety themes. And the tune is certainly catchy!

As part of #SSOW2014, @TwitterAU is releasing an e-postcard summary of our Twitter Rules & Tools to help you enjoy the rich world of social media — and manage any interactions that you might find abusive or threatening. The e-postcard highlights some of the user controls we offer to block, report, unfollow or mute unwanted Tweets. This fact sheet explains these features in more detail.

We are also posting a fact sheet on cyberbullying, developed in conjunction with one of our trusted local safety partners, @PROJECTROCKIT, the Aussie youth movement against cyberbullying. @PROJECTROCKIT has engaged at the coal face with more than 100,000 Australian youth.

@TwitterAU is taking part in a Live Tweet Session with @PROJECTROCKIT founders @LucyLockIT_ and @1RosieThomas to talk about strategies for young people in managing online abuse. You can follow this conversation on @PROJECTROCKIT from 3:30pm on Wednesday 4 June.

#SSOW2014 is a great opportunity to remind everyone that rules and tools do exist to help all users enjoy Twitter. Take a moment during #SSOW2014 to check out our Help Centre if you need more detailed information. You can also get regular updates on safety initiatives by following @safety.

Throughout the week, organisations and individuals across Australia will be spreading the message by tweeting with the hashtag #SSOW2014. Here are a few to follow or subscribe to this list: