@ALeague gears up for their biggest season ever

Thursday, 9 October 2014

This year, our #BeautifulGame turns 10 years old. To celebrate the start of the most anticipated @ALeague season yet – and with the A-League one of the most engaged sports on Twitter – we’ve put together a one-stop-shop of all the ways you can follow Aussie football this summer.

The best place to start is the official league account: @ALeague. Throughout the season, they will be Tweeting everything you need to know to ensure you’re up to speed with how the season unfolds, including Tweets with videos, photos, stats, commentary, ticket information and access to the games’ decision makers.

@ALeague will also Tweet match hashtags every week so you can follow along and take part in the conversation around every game.

The A-League used the Twitter Video player to launch the season, releasing the advertising campaign for season ten on Twitter.

While they provide the best all-round coverage of the season, the @ALeague account also has exclusive access to all the official announcements – including the introduction of the much-loved vanishing spray, one of the stars of the @FIFAWorldCup. Who doesn’t love a referee with a can of shaving cream always by his side?

You already follow the club you support from the stands, so the next step is to follow them on Twitter. All ten clubs provide behind-the-scenes access and content for fans. If you’re looking for the latest on what’s doing at your club, then look no further.

We’ve even put together a collection of Tweets that shows what following teams on Twitter can look like:

One of the best things about Twitter is the ability for players to share insights into their lives as professional athletes. Fans get access into what it’s like to be a footballer in the A-League and what it takes to be part of our #BeautifulGame.

As we lead-up to the season, make sure to follow the huge number of players from all the A-League teams on Twitter. Watch as they Tweet their way through their ups and downs and highs and lows of another exciting summer of football. Check out the A-League’s official list of all the players on Twitter to help you get closer to the players you love, and even the ones you love to hate.

Get involved with the Opening Round this weekend. Here are the official match day hashtags. What are you waiting for? Get tweeting and show your true support.

Good luck to all the teams, we can’t wait to watch the season unfold on Twitter.