Twitter Kit SDK now 100% open source

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Twitter Kit is our SDK to help you do more with the Twitter API, and easily display engaging Tweets in real-time in your mobile app. This year, we shipped major new releases on all our supported platforms. We built a new, standalone Tweet composer with support for video upload, launched app-based login for OAuth that drives 5x more successful sign-ins, and made video playback improvements. We integrated Twitter Kit into the Twitter developer dashboard, and we made the SDK available through additional channels like the Unity Asset Store.

Today we're excited to announce that the entire Twitter Kit project, on all platforms, is open source! Our iOS SDK joins our Android and Unity codebases on GitHub, available under the Apache 2.0 License.

Our goal with Twitter Kit is to make it as easy as possible to work with the Twitter API, and to display Tweets in your apps. With an open source Twitter Kit, we're simplifying how you work with the SDK, and enabling you to build upon and contribute to it.

Twitter Kit for iOS v3.3 is available now in CocoaPods, on GitHub, and for the first time is installable via Carthage, too. It delivers some bug fixes, and also now builds the SDK as a dynamic framework, enabling you to use it as a dependency for your own standalone components — something that many of you have been requesting for some time!

With this release, the open source release of Twitter Kit is Twitter Kit. We've republished all the documentation on GitHub alongside the code, and we invite you to add to it and help to improve it. We welcome your contributions to improve the SDKs — whether exposing more functionality to Unity games, extending Twitter Kit to run on macOS or tvOS, adding new types of media upload support, and so on. We'd love to work with you so that Twitter Kit grows with your needs.

Meanwhile, if you want to build entirely new features, like implementing a timeline data source, or building new views for displaying users or media, you can now reference Twitter Kit as a dependency, allowing Twitter Kit to grow in a more modular fashion.

You can check out the README in each project for more information about contributing to Twitter Kit:

You can give feedback on the release though the repositories themselves, or discuss with us in the Twitter Kit SDK category of the Twitter developer community forums.

Thank you for your ongoing support, feedback, feature requests and bug reports. We're so happy to see so many apps using Twitter Kit to bring Twitter content and social functionality to people in new and inventive places. We're excited to see what you build next!

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