Announcing support for AMP article analytics on Twitter

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Twitter is at the very center of news, keeping people informed about what’s happening in real-time. A vital part of that is in discovering and reading news articles from the timeline. To optimize this experience, we support AMP — Accelerated Mobile Pages — in our mobile clients on iOS, Android and on the web. This HTML-based technology provides building blocks for publishing highly responsive, fast-loading, bandwidth-efficient web pages. Many publishers and content management systems have adopted this technology, and we've supported embedding of Tweets inside AMP articles since its launch.

Today, we're enhancing our AMP implementation with more complete support for article analytics, so that you can more fully understand your audience on Twitter. When Twitter loads the AMP version of your article, we will now:

  • Ping the original article URL in the background in order to allow article analytics services to record the view.
  • Pass query arguments from your original article redirect into the AMP runtime, so you can also consume them using the amp-analytics component.

Pings to your original article are annotated as coming from Twitter, so that you can better understand the origin of the traffic, and distinguish it from organic views of your pages.

You can read about how Twitter uses AMP editions of articles, and how to optimize your site with these enhancements in our new developer documentation.

We like AMP because its design encourages performant web publishing techniques and produces an optimized mobile-centric display for articles. Unlike “reader mode” features that we've also experimented with, AMP gives you creative control over how your content is presented, ensuring web content remains vibrant, varied and expressive. It also gives you control over whether to use the technology at all. Finally, it natively supports existing advertising platforms, optimized for performance.

With this update, Twitter uses AMP to present your articles to more people, faster and more reliably. We're excited to see how you use the technology to create great reading experiences on Twitter.


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