Quote this! Twitter Kit now displays all common Tweet attachments

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

For a mere 140 characters, Twitter is a powerfully expressive medium. Today, we’ve updated Twitter Kit for iOS and Android to display even more Tweet attachments: making it easy to display quoted Tweets and photo sets in your apps.

We know that as simple as a Tweet looks, the work to implement and maintain the many features of a Tweet is non-trivial. Beyond layout, attribution, and the intricacies of URL entities, you also need to handle video playback, looping GIFs, browsing through photo slideshows, and nesting quoted Tweets for proper context. Twitter Kit now takes care of all this for you.

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Dropping Twitter Kit into your app provides a great Twitter experience for your users, engaging them with comment and discourse from globe-spanning online discussion. Using Twitter Kit keeps you aligned with our display guidelines and up-to-date with Twitter features and APIs.

That’s why we continue to invest in Twitter Kit, to take care of all the intricacy of Tweet display and free your time to focus on other parts of your app. This year we’ve shippedregularupdates with new Twitter features, improved reliability, and we’re applying performance lessons from building Twitter to our SDK too. We want Twitter Kit to be the easiest tool to help you build great, rich, performant apps with Twitter content.

Check out the updated Twitter Kit now!

Twitter Kit 2.6 for iOS
Twitter Kit 2.2 for Android

Any questions or feedback? Check out our developer forum.

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