Finding influential “Puppy Parents” through Twitter data

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

This developer case study highlights how Ghergich & Co, a St. Louis-based SEO and content marketing agency, helped Petco and their PupBox brand identify key influencers for their monthly subscription service offering. What was the secret to their 585% increase in online user engagement? Using Twitter’s premium APIs to identify and engage with micro-influencers in the world of online pet care communities. AJ Ghergich founded his agency on the belief that identifying the most influential users for a brand isn’t always about simply falling back on celebrities. Realizing that it often takes a lot of skilled legwork and specialized tools to find the most influential individuals for a brand to engage with (rather than the most famous), AJ saw a need for a new influencer marketing solution. The Kinship application was developed by Ghergich & Co to simplify searching through vast amounts of social data from Twitter to find the best message — and messenger — for a brand client.


Petco’s PupBox used Kinship to identify and target micro-influencers for their monthly delivery service for puppy treats and toys. Kinship leverages Twitter’s premium 30-Day Search API, which means Ghergich & Co can easily scale up as quickly as needed by their pet care client. The publicly available Tweets returned by the API allow Ghergich & Co to find the most relevant users for PupBox to target based on their most recent Twitter conversations. Take a look at the complete story here to learn more about how these influential “Puppy Parents” have benefitted from PupBox’s advertising efforts!      



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