Applying AI to Twitter data in support of the UN and societal good

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Twitter data can be used for an incredible variety of applications beyond marketing, and a new developer case study we published today is an excellent example of this type of work. Social Coin is a Barcelona-based startup whose mission is to inspire acts of kindness and positive behavior through the exchange of trackable “social coins”. They created an AI-based platform called Citibeats to synthesize data from multiple disparate sources in order to identify and measure the most pressing concerns of a particular given audience. While more traditional metrics such as visitor counts, tourism revenue and civic investments had been used in the past to measure the “health” of a community, Social Coin wanted to explore what adding the element of human conversations via Twitter data might further surface for their clients around the world.


This new case study shares how the Social Coin developer team worked with some key partners to quickly and easily incorporate social inputs from Twitter’s premium Full-Archive Search API into Citibeats in support of a joint project with the United Nations. Access to Twitter’s entire collection of public historical Tweets via the API helped to reveal some interesting insights around citizens’ needs in several Spanish metropolitan regions. Take a look at the entire story here to learn more about yet another creative application of Twitter data sourced from our collection of premium APIs.   





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