Giving brands the full picture on Twitter

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Watching what develops

Twitter is what’s happening and what people are talking about, but the ways people have been able to share that over the past decade has constantly evolved. As smartphones have increased in usage and complexity, so has the ability to convey our experiences through Tweets. What started as a text-based platform now includes GIFs, live video and images that can be shared as it happens with the tap of a finger.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Images can be of huge value to businesses, as they expand the creative canvas for how brands communicate beyond text alone. Each day more than 3 billion images are shared online, and by 2020 that number is forecasted to grow to over 10 billion, according to Crimson Hexagon 1. That’s a lot of opportunities to tap into the discussion around brands and products.

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A lack of visibility

While companies have been able to harness basic benefits of imagery, it has often been rudimentary and manual to try and extract valuable insights. This is especially true because according to Crimson Hexagon, 85% of the images online that contain a company logo don’t mention the brand in the accompanying text 1. Thus, using text detection alone, you will miss critical content where your brand or product appears. As social media continues to move towards visual conversation, it becomes increasingly important to incorporate visual imagery into your social listening strategy to get the full picture around consumer insights and affinities.

Getting the full picture

Crimson Hexagon, one of our data partners, offers an innovative solution to this problem with their recently announced new Image Analysis product. Image Analysis allows brands to move past basic text and logo identification with the added ability to analyze scenes, facial characteristics, objects, and activities to harness the deepest consumer insights possible through social data.

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Crimson Hexagon leverages proprietary machine-learning image analysis algorithms to unlock additional insights buried within images to understand who, when, where, and how users are interacting with your brand. These insights unlock a whole new set of use cases such as:

  • Informing marketing campaigns & measuring sponsorship ROI
  • Tracking visual mentions
  • Obtaining global consumer insights
  • Identifying moments of consumption
  • Driving product enhancements

We’re thrilled with the possibilities Image Analysis unlocks to provide further context around the vast Tweet data users share on our platform every day. This gives brands a more holistic look at their influence and presence online. For more information on Image Analysis and to see the product in action, register for a demo here.


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