Full-archive Search API success stories: Gnip customer Union Metrics

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

This series highlights the unique ways in which brands are benefitting from our latest historical search solution for Twitter.

Twitter ecosystem partner Union Metrics recently released Echo, a brand new product built on Gnip’s Full-Archive Search API. Before the availability of Echo, Union Metrics wasn’t able to give their customers a simple and immediate historical lookup product for brands needing immediate access to past Tweets or the ability to track unexpected events. Instead, their customers needed to create time-intensive mash-ups of Gnip’s PowerTrack and Historical PowerTrack products to access these Tweets. Thanks to the Full-Archive Search API and Echo, Union Metrics can now address these previously difficult-to-meet customer needs by giving their customers access to on-the-fly search tools such as ad-hoc historical look-ups, interactive query refinement and real-time vs. historical topic analysis.

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Real-time access to the Twitter archive through Twitter’s Full-Archive Search API has opened up myriad new use cases for us and our customers. It means faster research, smarter decisions and ultimately better products. It’s the data we’ve been dreaming of since we started working with Twitter eight years ago.

Hayes Davis

CEO, Union Metrics


One example of how Echo is benefitting brand clients can be found in the work Union Metrics doing with a major pet food manufacturer looking to get into the competitive “natural and organic” space. In the past, this client relied on a PowerTrack-based real-time stream and limited historical data capabilities through Historical PowerTrack to collect market research data for new campaign launches. This process took too long to collect enough relevant year-over-year data for their campaign and research needs, and made it difficult for the client to connect the information directly back to ROI or eventual product sales.

Union Metrics’ Echo product — built on the Full-Archive Search API — changed all of this for the pet food manufacturer. Searches such as “natural pet food” turned up thousands of results in just seconds, and they were able to scroll through notable top Tweets in the returned data to instantly identify emerging trends and individual influencers. They were also able to quickly compare the results with past campaigns from their top three or four competitors since their respective launches years prior and better understand “how” pet owners were talking about their products.

Finally, Echo helped the pet food client explore the entire public Twitter archive without needing to first commit to a specific set of queries. For example, an initial search revealed that not very many people posted Tweets using the exact phrase “organic dog kibble,” but a few more searches revealed they do share homemade dog food recipes, post reviews of their favorite brands and use words like “healthy”, “natural”, and “ingredients”. By quickly testing and refining a variety of search queries to explore the resulting Tweets, the client was able to easily discover how potential customers actually talk about the ways they feed their pets. They were then able to use this information to set up smarter searches for ongoing monitoring, and use the uncovered language in their own Tweets to better reach their customers.

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With the addition of Gnip’s Full-Archive Search API for Twitter, Union Metrics has been able to enhance their existing Social Suite product by enabling entirely new use cases for Twitter data and easily integrated historical data with their core monitoring and real-time analytics. The API’s features have helped address new use cases such as crisis communications monitoring, pitching new clients, long-term competitive research, year-over-year trend analysis and more.

By leveraging the Full-Archive Search API, they’ve also been able to bring these capabilities to market at a vastly lower cost and effort than if they had to build these capabilities internally. This has allowed Union Metrics to focus on delivering the comprehensive analytics and excellent experience their users expect. In the two months since Union Metrics Echo has been publicly available, this Gnip customer has already closed a number of new deals, expanded existing customers and increased their prospect pipeline.

We hope this success story (first in a series, so keep an eye out for more) gets you thinking about what your company will do with the Full-Archive Search API from Gnip. Be sure to contact your Gnip Account Manager today to talk more about adding this product to your suite of offerings, or contact us at [email protected].

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