Twitter developer events: May 2016

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

We’re gearing up for an exciting month where we’ll be co-hosting an @TwitterDev meetup in San Francisco on May 5, as well as hosting #HelloWorld São Paulo on May 9. Track our travels through our Lanyrd page, as well as by following @TwitterDev.

Tela Viva Móvel (São Paulo, Brazil) May 4

Agustin Pesciallo will join Tela Viva Mobile and talk about how to use Fabric to build better apps, along with Juliana Chahoud who will follow with a live coding demo, demonstrating Fabric kits.

@TwitterDev Meetup at Amazon (San Francisco, CA) May 5

We’re teaming up with AWS this month, where our senior software engineer Joshua Liebowitz will talk about his experience and methodology developing apps with a remote colleague. Also, Steve Johnson, senior solutions architect at Amazon, will discuss Amazon Cognito and how it solves a number of development challenges for mobile developers. Sign up to attend.

CocoaConf Seattle (Seattle, WA) May 6-7

We’re thrilled to continue our sponsorship of CocoaConf this year. Developer advocate Val Polouchkine will give a lunch session on fastlane, an automation tool set for iOS developers.

#Promote: TwitterAds API Challenge Event (Tel Aviv, Israel) May 8

We are excited to open up the #Promote challenge to the Israeli developer community. Join us for an evening with the Twitter Ads API team to learn more about #Promote and how to build the best Twitter advertising tool for the chance to win $250,000 (USD) in cash for the grand prize.

#HelloWorld: São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil) May 9

Join us on our #HelloWorld tour to learn what’s new and how to make your apps come alive. We’ll be joined by local industry leaders who’ll share more details about the technologies they’re using to build the best apps and businesses.

@TwitterDevBR Meetup at CUBO (São Paulo, Brazil) May 12

During this meetup, Juliana Chahoud will discuss Fabric and present a live demo to illustrate how to leverage the Fabric kits.

Apps World North America (Santa Clara, CA) May 11-12

Developer advocate Bear Douglas will walk through the latest Fabric has to offer for iOS, Android, tvOS, and Unity to help you build the best apps experience, wherever your users may be.

Brand Innovators Summit on Social Media (San Francisco, CA) May 12

Jeff Lesser, Product marketing manager for the customer service initiative at Twitter, and Andrew Caravella, vice president of marketing at Sprout Social, will discuss how brands are using Twitter to do innovative customer service.

InnovFest unBound (Marina Bay Sands, Singapore) May 17-18

Head of international developer relations Ali Parr will keynote InnovFest unBound, speaking on Twitter’s tools, and how to build and grow the world’s best apps. Juliana Chahoud will follow with a hands-on workshop session, demonstrating how to put the tools into action on a real-world app.

Techslyvania (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) May 21-24

The Techsylvania event is a combined hack weekend and tech conference based in Transylvania, Eastern Europe. Andy Piper will take part in the conference and discuss how developers can craft the best apps with Fabric.

Write the Docs (Portland, OR) May 22-24

This conference explores the art and science of documentation, and the TechDocs team at Twitter will be in full force. In addition, Jon Bulava will participate in a panel discussing transformation in your documentation process.

Quaddro Meetup (São Paulo, Brazil) May 24

Quaddro Coding school is promoting a series of meetups about Mobile App development during the month of May. Developer advocate Juliana Chahoud will give a workshop on how to use Fabric Kits in iOS Apps.

AngelHack Hyderabad (Hyderabad, India) May 28-29

Continuing our participation in AngelHack around India, catch Aman Alam take the hackathon developers through Fabric and its kits.

You can continue to track our travels through our Lanyrd page as well as @TwitterDev.

Do you know of an event where the Twitter DPR team should be in 2016?

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