Twitter developer events: March 2016

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

After an exciting February on the road, the @TwitterDev team is rounding off our US leg of the #HelloWorld tour in New York City. The team will also be supporting events in Mexico City, São Paulo, Chicago, and Sunnyvale throughout the month. You can track our travels through our Lanyrd page as well as by following @TwitterDev.

#HelloWorld, New York (New York City, NY) March 1

Join us on our last US tour stop to hear what’s new and how to make your apps come alive. We’ll be joined by Jack Flintermann from @stripe who will share details about the technologies they’re using to build the best for their users.

NBCUniversal Hackathon (Sunnyvale, CA) March 5-6

Jon Cipriano and Ryan Choi will be in attendance to provide starter ideas and assistance integrating Twitter and Fabric developer products to developers participating in three challenges: Connected Car, Content Finds Consumer, and Universal Pictures. Integrate Twitter or Fabric to be eligible to win Apple TVs for your whole team and thousands of dollars in prizes provided by NBCUniversal.

Mobile Tea Meetup (Boston, MA) March 9

We are excited to host Mobile Tea at our Boston office in March! This is a meetup with top notch speakers doing bite-sized talks (20-30 minutes) sandwiched by an environment that is significantly different from the usual meetup. This event will consist of knowledge and networking for anyone interested in Test Driven Development for mobile developers from a general introduction to cutting practices for iOS, Android, and mobile friendly API.

Encontro das Estudantes de Tecnologia, Engenharia e Inovação no Twitter (São Paulo, Brazil) March 10

Following International Women’s Day in São Paulo, multiple events will take place to celebrate and encourage women in technology throughout the week. As part of the official schedule, Twitter is hosting the Female IT and Engineers Students Meetup. The meetup will start with a discussion panel with IT professionals and then Juliana Chahoud will give a Fabric workshop.

Mobile Day Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico) March 16

Mobile Day is an event focused on open source and paid tools for mobile development put on by Software Guru. Developer Advocate, Todd Burner, is excited to attend and give a talk on Twitter open source development tool, fastlane.

PHP Experience (São Paulo, Brazil) March 22

This PHP focused event will host over 1,500 people from Brazil and Latin America who will participate in multiple activities over two days. Juliana Chahoud will speak on March 22 about smart solutions created with the Twitter API.

Droidcon (San Francisco, CA) March 17-18

Along with our sponsorship of Droidcon, Bear Douglas will lead a workshop on adding the Fabric suite of tools into Android apps. Come get hands-on help to get up and running with crash reporting, beta distribution, and real-time analytics inside your Android apps.

CocoaConf 2016 (Chicago, IL) March 25

@TwitterDev is happy to sponsor all CocoaConf events this year. We’ll kick things off in Chicago, where Val Polouchkine will do a deep-dive on fastlane, Twitter’s newest toolset that aims to save countless developers hours by automating app testing, building, and shipping workflows.

Please continue to track our travels through our Lanyrd page as well as @TwitterDev.

Do you know of an event where the Twitter DPR team should be in 2016?

If so, please email us with the details. We look forward to hearing from you!