Twitter developer events: February 2016

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

This month, the @TwitterDev team is excited to kick off our #HelloWorld tour. We’re on the road meeting developers, learning about what you’re building, and sharing some of the great things we’ve been working on. Join the Twitter Platform team on the tour in L.A., Seattle, Denver, and Boston, or catch up with us at some other great events throughout the US and at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

#HelloWorld, L.A. (Santa Monica, CA) Feb. 2
#HelloWorld, Seattle (Seattle, WA) Feb. 9
#HelloWorld, Denver (Denver, CO) Feb. 17
#HelloWorld, Boston (Boston, MA) Feb. 23

Join us on tour to hear what’s new and how to make your apps come alive. We’ll be joined by local industry leaders who will share more details the technologies they’re using to build the best apps and businesses.

We’re actively seeking speaking and event collaborations throughout the #HelloWorld Tour. If you would like to partner with our team when we’re in your city please reach out via @TwitterDev!

Talk & Lab on Fabric by @TwitterDev (Los Angeles, CA) Feb. 3

Learn Swift LA will be hosting us at General Assembly where @heyval and @beardigsit from Twitter will be sharing information on Fabric and the Twitter Platform as part of our #HelloWorld Tour. After that, @yar1vn will lead us through an interesting Swift programming topic, Architecting In Swift.

Civic Hack Hour, with Hack for LA & Hacker Fund (Los Angeles, CA) Feb. 4

We’re sponsoring Civic Hack Hours, created by the leadership at Hacker Fund and Hack for LA. Hack for LA is an after-school program devoted to teaching Los Angeles high school students technical skills to solve the city’s biggest civic issues. Emily Sheehan and Alex Singer will be presenting on the Twitter APIs and assisting students with questions and hacks.

Mobile Tea (Boston, MA) Feb. 4

Todd Burner will be joining the Mobile Tea meetup to talk about fastlane. He’ll share ways that iOS developers can save time (and headaches) using fastlane’s automated tools for app testing and deployment.

Women in Software Engineering, Dropbox (Seattle, WA) Feb. 10

Jessica McKellar, Engineering Director at Dropbox, will deliver a Python talk at a Puget Sound Programming Python meetup, followed by a panel discussion on women in software engineering that also features Bear Douglas, Bridget Frey, and Shadae Holmes. We’re excited to be a part of it!

Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, Spain) Feb. 22

For the third consecutive year, we are hosting workshops at MWC. Our, head of International Developer and Platform, Ali Parr, will share some of the lessons we’ve learned and highlight how Fabric makes it easy for developers to build great apps.

Mobile Premier Awards (Barcelona, Spain) Feb. 22

We’re thrilled to sponsor the Mobile Premier Awards (MPA) for the first time. The MPA is one of the must-attend events during MWC for developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and press, to learn about projects emerging around the world. Ali Parr will talk about how Fabric enables developers to build the best apps, and will participate in a jury assessing upcoming startups.

API MWC Meetup (Barcelona, Spain) Feb. 22

We are joining the team at 3scale to host a meetup for the second year running. The theme this time “APIs and Smart Cities.” We’re excited to have Aman Alam and Juliana Chahoud in town to speak there, and they’ll stick around for happy hour to chat.

Launch Hackathon (San Francisco, CA) Feb. 26-28

Visit Developer Advocates Jon Cipriano and Val Polouchkine at the Twitter booth, where they are on hand to answer any questions you have about Fabric and the Twitter APIs. Be sure to check out our workshop at 8:30PM on Feb. 26 to learn more about integrating with our platform. And we’ll be giving away prizes for the best Twitter integration!

Please continue to track our travels through our events page as well as @TwitterDev.

Do you know of an event where the Twitter DPR team should be in 2016?

If so, please contact Lia McBride with the details. We look forward to hearing from you!