Expanding the #HelloWorld tour to Kenya, Australia and Germany

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Since announcing the #HelloWorld developer tour in January, we’ve had the opportunity to visit some amazing cities and meet some incredible developers.

The experience has been exceptional; we’ve been able to spend time with your local developer communities, learn what you’re building, listen to your feedback, and share what we’ve been working on. We were personally impressed by the group of women we met in Los Angeles who teach computer science classes after school at numerous high schools in the L.A. area, all on their own time. We’ve always believed that “the next great app can come from anywhere” and watching the developer community’s passion and commitment to help one another is both heartwarming and inspiring.

Before we kick off our international #HelloWorld tour, we’re excited to announce the addition of events in Nairobi, Sydney, and Berlin. We believe that global emerging developer communities are the future of the app developer landscape, and look forward to seeing what developers are building. Indeed, the next great app can come from anywhere.

We hope you’ll join us in one of these great cities over the coming months:

Thanks again for all those who joined us in the US for #HelloWorld: