#TwitterFlock Berlin - the highlights from our first ever German mobile developer conference

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Around 300 members of the developer community came together in Berlin’s ewerk today for #TwitterFlock, our first ever German mobile developer conference.

Germany’s and Berlin’s thriving startup and developer community gathered to find out more about Twitter’s modular mobile platform Fabric, and to hear directly from a range of Europe’s leading app developers who have built world-class apps using the tools.

After a brief introduction to the day, our senior developer advocate Bear Douglas (@beardigsit) took the audience through all facets of Fabric, consisting of tools such as Digits, Crashlytics, Answers, MoPub and the Twitter Kit.


Award-winning and Berlin-based online audio platform SoundCloud’s (@SoundCloud) Senior Product Manager for Growth, Sridharan Ravichandran, explained how Crashlytics is a great source of insights helping them to make sure that they have a high quality customer experience.

“Crash-free users is a key KPI for us, and Crashlytics gives us access to that data in a prioritized list which is very useful. When something out of the ordinary happens in our apps, it’s easy to get to the bottom of it.”

@SoundCloud users love to share on Twitter and the Audio Cards enhance their experience.”

Sridharan RavichandranSoundCloud Senior Product Manager Growth


CTO of global leading football app Onefootball (@Onefootball) Jonathan Lavigne (@JJDLP), told the audience how the Twitter Kit has dramatically simplified the login process for their users and how it created a more social experience, leading to higher engagement with football content.

By also incorporating MoPub, their users experience a more organic in-app ad experience. The support for native ads and rotating ad networks further enables Onefootball to diversify inventory and run their own campaigns with one tech.

“We have worked with many SDKs, and the technical performance & quality of Fabric is excellent.”

Jonathan Lavigne@JJDLPCTO Onefootball


Wooga’s (@wooga) Marketing Manager Olivier Lemarié (@olivier_lemarie) not only revealed the mobile game developer’s latest game, Agent Alice, but also how MoPub has become a cornerstone of their ad-monetisation strategy for all of Wooga’s live games. He reported on how the revenue generated from the MoPub ad exchange Marketplace has been consistently growing ever since they started working with Fabric.

“For @wooga MoPub is an awesome tool & an important part of our monetisation strategy.”

Olivier Lemarié@olivier_lemarieWooga Marketing Manager


Co-founder of French social-networking app Uplike (@Uplike) Jonathan Chemouny (@jchmny) explained how their first app version was buggy and ended up with bad reviews and a 1.8 star rating on the App Store. When they updated their app and started using Crashlytics they saw stability improve and favorable reviews coming in. Their average rating is now 4.5 stars.

“We use @Crashlytics to comment on bugs & issues. That’s how we know we are ready to ship.”

Jonathan Chemouny@jchmnyCo-Founder Uplike

Uplike also uses MoPub which helps them to deliver ads globally. Thanks to MoPub today they are growing their advertising revenue by +30% month over month. Jonathan explains the success with the look & feel of the ads: “The ads coming from MoPub are displayed in exactly the same format as Uplike posts and embed seamlessly into the content. That’s why we have never received complaints from our users since we rolled out the native ads.”


EyeEm (@EyeEm) is a beautiful and fast growing photography community and marketplace. Head of Mobile Matias Castello (@imatias) told the audience how Crashlytics and Answers have become a key service for their Android team and how heavily they rely on it to keep the quality of their app high.

“We integrated @Crashlytics in 5 min and shipped it almost right away. Real-time bug reporting is a life saver.”

Matias Costello@imatiasEyeEm Head of Mobile

Matias finished with saying: “Our entire team makes use of daily Answers reports to stay on top of our key metrics, and maintain the high quality of our EyeEm app.”

We’re living and working in a mobile-first, mobile-best era. An era in which native apps dominate. An era where quite frankly developers rule. Our mission at Twitter is to help them build the best mobile apps - whether they are in San Francisco or Berlin, whether they are a large publisher or a small startup.

Developers interested in finding out more about using Fabric can check out the detailed developer documentation, and contact our developer support team, available 24/7 to answer your questions in our forums and via our accounts (@TwitterDev, @fabric, @digits). Get started today by signing up for Fabric.