TwitterDrive: Dispatches from the road

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Last week, we kicked off Flock with our #TwitterDrive tour in Los Angeles.

We welcomed more than 100 developers to our @TwitterLA office for a night of tech talks, networking and chatter about mobile tech. It was great to see our friends from @Tinder, who gave a talk on making intuitive app animations and the frameworks for iOS and Android that can help. We hope that everyone who stopped by learned a lot and had fun too.

Earlier, we spent a great afternoon with the students at the Incubator School (@incschool) talking about entrepreneurship and doing some fun programming activities. The group was as young as the sixth grade – and the kids had already experimented with writing their own programs. We were amazed, and can’t wait to see what they might be building in a few years.

Heading east from LA, we drove nearly 300 miles to Las Vegas to meet the @zappos team. We learned a lot about their technology, history of the company and the innovative ways Zappos has used the Twitter Platform to grow their business.

As we make our way around the country, our aim is to deliver some happiness where we go. For instance, we had a great time meeting some of the Las Vegas tech community, and we can’t wait to meet more awesome developers on the road.

We’re continuing our journey through Boulder and Denver, then heading east. Sign up to join us along the way at, or follow our trip on #TwitterDrive. We’d love to hear from you – or better yet, see you along the way!