Tell compelling stories with Twitter on mobile or web

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Growing an audience and retaining customers for any app or website can be very challenging. To keep your users engaged, you need rich and unique content that tells a compelling story. Whether it’s breaking news, first-person perspectives of major events, or play-by-play reactions to sports, the best stories start with Tweets.

With hundreds of millions of new Tweets every day, there are lots of potential stories to tell. Today at Flight, we introduced an ecosystem of tools that all work together to help you seamlessly find, organize, and publish those stories on your apps and websites.

You’ve already seen this ecosystem in action: we use it to publish Moments on Twitter. And you may already be using some of the individual tools we’re talking about, such as TweetDeck and Curator. Today we announced a new Collections API that turns multiple Tweets into a single story with a single Collection ID, which can be used to edit, update and publish that story from any of the tools in our ecosystem.” Now you can easily turn unique Twitter content into great stories that attract, engage, and retain an audience.

Tell your story with the best Tweets, simply

Previously, when you wanted to publish a great story with Tweets, you had to manually manage a bunch of Tweet IDs, and embed them into your app or website one at a time. With our new end-to-end ecosystem, we’ve simplified the storytelling process. Now you can use TweetDeck, Curator, Spredfast, Dataminr, ScribbleLive, Wayin, or Flowics to find and organize the Tweets you want into a single story.

Great stories drive great audiences, and with your tweets organized using these new tools, you can display them on your own websites with Embedded Timelines on the web, and in your apps with TwitterKit on iOS and Android, in just a few lines of code. Just like Tweet embeds, the background and text colors are easily customizable, so your timelines blend perfectly into your app’s design. 

It’s additive to the reputation of CBS. We can work with our partners at Twitter and make what we deliver much more current and meaningful to our users.

Nancy LaneSenior Executive Producer

 At any time, you can update your collection of Tweets (from any tool that supports the Collections API) and it will automatically update on your site or app. There’s no additional embed code, updates of your website, or need to re-submit your apps to the appstores needed.

Showcase beautiful stories in an embedded grid

It’s not enough to create great stories with Tweets. We also want to enable you to showcase those stories in engaging ways across all the devices your users are using.Today we’re releasing a rich new responsive grid display which you can use to embed your stories on any site or app.

This new Twitter for Websites display option gives users an engaging, immersive experience highlighting multiple Tweets at once, with images and video displayed edge-to-edge.

Along with this new display option, we also announced to make it even easier to embed Twitter content. We have big plans for this new tool. We want it to be a one stop shop where you can easily preview all of the different types of displays we offer in Twitter Kit and grab the embed code for any Twitter content you’d like to publish. You won’t even have to log in or save any widgets to your account. To get started with this new tool, all you have to do is enter the Collection ID or URL for any story that you create, and will show you a preview of the responsive grid and give you a single line of embed code that you can use to publish Tweets on your website.

We can’t wait to see how you use this new ecosystem to tell great stories with Tweets. Get started here.