Request a ticket for Twitter Flight 2015

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Request a ticket for Twitter Flight 2015

Twitter Flight registration is now open! We’re excited to see you at our second annual developer conference on Oct. 21 at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Twitter Flight will sell out quickly, so be sure to request a ticket today.

When you go to the Twitter Flight website, you’ll also see most of the agenda, with the exception of a few still-secret sessions. We’ve got a great keynote lineup featuring our execs, key product team leaders, and product leaders from some of the biggest apps and brands you enjoy every day. After the keynote session, there are four technical tracks:

  • The Main Hall Track is scenario-focused and will walk you through how to use our platform to solve many of the problems you and your business face today. The technical level of this track will roughly match the sessions we offered last year. This year will be great for product managers, decision makers, and developers looking for a general understanding of Fabric.
  • The Mobile Track offers highly technical sessions (think 400-level!) best suited to mobile developers. If you’re a seasoned mobile developer, you’ll be right at home here. Our iOS and Android engineers will deliver most of this track.
  • A Data Track with highly technical sessions best suited for data scientists and product managers developing solutions on Twitter data. If you’re using Gnip, Twitter APIs, or other data sources to build new products or make better business decisions, this is for you.
  • A Lightning Theater features short talks from Twitter engineers about topics like how we build Twitter and how to use the Twitter platform most effectively.

There are 30 sessions at Twitter Flight this year. Here are a few we suggest you don’t miss:

A Deep Dive into the Answers Backend
Answers is a real-time, opinionated mobile analytics product. In the 15 months since it was released, Answers has become one of the most widely adopted mobile analytics SDKs. Today it handles over a million events per second, and every day processes more than 6 billion mobile app sessions across tens of thousands of apps. This talk will briefly introduce the product and review some of the back-end architecture design that helps us scale it: stream/batch processing, probabilistic data structures, intelligent event grouping during stream processing, tailored key-value schemas, and sampling.

Probabilistic Data Aggregation
Understanding the demographics of large sets of users has a wide range of applications from ads targeting to content marketing to customer service. Often times, insights are discovered through ad hoc queries that aggregate data over one or more demographic dimensions. This talk will highlight the power of these insights and some of the tools we’ve developed to work with this data.

A Technical Deep Dive into NDK Crash Handling
Handling uncaught exceptions in Java is a walk in the park compared to handling a native crash. This talk will introduce you to the inherent difficulty of signal handlers by outlining the lessons that we have learned while developing Crashlytics NDK support. Topics include Java crash handling, async-safety, static storage duration and memory allocation, interruptions, signals, stack unwinding, reinventing the wheel, and more.

There are 27 more sessions to choose from, so head to Twitter Flight and request a ticket to attend. And be sure to follow @Flight for the latest updates on the event.

Our mission is to provide the most solid platform to help you build great apps and businesses. We hope you can join us, and can’t wait to show you what we’ve got for you.