Introducing timelines and guest authentication to Twitter Kit

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Today, we’re pleased to introduce two new features for Twitter Kit on Fabric: Tweet timelines that bring more engaging stories into your app, and guest authentication for building rich logged out experiences.

Keeping your mobile app users coming back for more depends on effective, unique content. Since the launch of Twitter Kit, we’ve seen many of you use Tweet embeds – often themed to your app and crafted into a list format with multiple Tweets – to build engaging experiences. To make that easier, we’re releasing Tweet timelines on both iOS and Android.

Introducing timelines and guest authentication to Twitter Kit

With user timelines, you can seamlessly integrate Tweets from any Twitter account into your service – in just a few lines of code. With search timelines, you can automatically display search results based on key terms relevant to your app experience. For example, Citymapper is already using a timeline of Tweets to keep their users updated on public transportation status in real time, as shown in the image above.

Just like Tweet embeds, the background and text colors are easily customizable, so your timelines blend perfectly into your app’s design. Another customer, Regal Cinemas, is using a themed search timeline to automatically pull reviews so their users can discover movies, as shown below.

Introducing timelines and guest authentication to Twitter Kit

Of course, we want to see all of your users benefit from seeing these rich timelines, not just those who are logged in to Twitter. So today, we’re also launching guest authentication, built into timelines. It will let your app access content from Twitter’s API without needing a user context. With minimal effort, you can now integrate relevant, real-time content within your app to engage users – without having to ask them to log in with Twitter.

Get started with Twitter Kit by downloading Fabric at If you’re already using Twitter Kit, see our docs for Tweet timelines (Android | iOS) and docs for guest authentication (Android | iOS) for a complete walkthrough.