Embedded Tweets: Redesigned for the modern web

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Today we’re excited to share this preview of the new embedded Tweets that will roll out to all users soon. This latest design makes it easier to tell engaging stories by beautifully integrating Tweets into your content.

In the three years since we first introduced embedded Tweets, Twitter has become much more than a medium for text, now encompassing photos, videos and more. Our latest redesign supports full-width photo and video for even better visual integration with surrounding content.

Here’s a snapshot of the earlier UI:

Embedded Tweets: Redesigned for the modern web

And here’s the new look:

We’ve reduced the weight and rendering time, so pages with embedded Tweets can load faster than ever before.

On mobile, many devices now support screens with high pixel densities, allowing for higher-quality photos and icons in the same embedded Tweet display area. To ensure that each of your Tweets offers the highest visual impact, we dynamically select the best-sized photos and videos and use new scalable vector icons:

Embedded Tweets: Redesigned for the modern web

No matter the display area size and pixel density of the device viewing your site, your embedded Tweets will look absolutely crisp.

Read more about embedded Tweets and see how you can customize Tweet themes, link colors and content display for your website.