Behind the scenes of enhancements to MoPub data

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

We’re excited to share some news about major infrastructure improvements on MoPub, as part of our mission to deliver a world class monetization solution for mobile app developers.

What has changed
We’ve made MoPub better by equipping mobile app publishers with faster access to data and reduced the update time between our UI and ad server. These recent changes will benefit developers by providing quicker access to data, faster propagation, and eliminate the industry-wide challenge of ad unit “warm up” delays.

What’s underneath these improvements
These improvements are critical to laying a strong foundation for our future engineering work on data, reporting, and ad serving. We wanted to give developers a deep dive on how we rebuilt two key pillars of our platform — the data pipeline and propagation pipeline. That’s why we invited our engineers to share the challenges they faced, their approach to solve them, and the end results, so that when the time comes to monetize your app, you know you’ll be able to turn to MoPub.

For a glimpse into how our engineering team was able to make these changes, dive into the technical details on our Engineering Blog.

To learn more about MoPub, check out the pages below:

Special thanks to our engineers, Simon Radford (Sr. Software Engineer, propagation pipeline) and Meng Lay (Sr. Software Engineer, data pipeline) for contributing to this post.