Answers: Not just for developers anymore

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Since the day we launched Crashlytics, we’ve heard your requests to build an analytics solution. And last July, we did just that. We took the best of what we learned from Crashlytics and applied that to Answers, our mobile analytics product. In building Answers, our mission was to build an analytics solution that you don’t need to analyze. From the zero-step install to intelligent automated alerts, Answers is a real-time mobile analytics product that we believe is a giant step toward achieving our mission.

We’re really proud of what Answers does, and are thrilled with the response from the community so far. Answers now processes over 5 billion sessions per day — over 1 million analytics events per second — and is used by some of the largest apps in the world. Here’s what our friends at @Rdio had to say about Answers:

Answers’ daily summary reports let us easily get a sense for how our app is performing everyday without having to do any analysis. All we need to do is open our inboxes. It’s awesome!

— Sean SmithSr. Director of Client Engineering, Rdio

As we’ve ramped up to billions of Answers sessions per day, we’ve noticed that it’s not just the developers who are hungry for in-depth and real-time analytics – it’s everyone from app marketers to executives to app developers. 

To better serve all stakeholders in the development lifecycle, we’re splitting Answers out from Crashlytics as its own product.

This way, we’ll be able to innovate more rapidly and deliver features that serve the needs of everyone on the team.

Our goal is always to create a dashboard that makes understanding your user base dead simple so you can spend your time building amazing experiences, not digging through data. In short: Answers is not just for developers anymore. Sign up here to get started with Answers today, and follow us on Twitter @answersio.