Powerful new connections to Twitter just released for IFTTT

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Twitter notifications are a great way to keep you updated with the social content you love and the personal interactions you have with others. By implementing the Twitter API in a very unique and creative way, @IFTTT has enabled you to turn these notifications into actions on behalf of other applications you use on a daily basis.

Misplacing your phone while it is stuck on mute can be an incredibly frustrating situation. Below are two of Twitter recipes we came up with that solve this problem using IFTTT.

If I Tweet #unmutemyphone, the first action does exactly what you might expect and turns the ringer back up to the highest volume. If I don’t happen to be hanging out with my friends (i.e., someone who will let me use their phone), the second action calls my phone when I Tweet #callmyphone to signal its location.

Powerful new connections to Twitter just released for IFTTT

Powerful new connections to Twitter just released for IFTTT

In the IFTTT world, these statements are known as recipes and they are made of components known as triggers and actions. The above examples demonstrate the “New Tweet by you” trigger. A couple Twitter action examples might be automatically Tweeting your Nike+ goals or Rebecca Black’s music video (action) every Friday (trigger).

Here is a list of all the triggers and actions available for Twitter on @IFTTT, including the newest ones released today.

  • New Tweet from Search (new)
  • New Tweet by specific user (new)
  • New mention of you (new)
  • New Tweet by anyone in area (new)
  • New Tweet by you
  • New Tweet by you with hashtag
  • New Tweet by you in area
  • New link by you
  • New follower
  • New favorite Tweet by you
  • Post a Tweet
  • Post a Tweet with image
  • Send a direct message to yourself
  • Update profile picture
  • Update bio
  • Add user to list

Make sure to check out the new search and geo-based triggers, and get creative with some recipes of your own. Activate the Twitter Channel on IFTTT and get started today!