Only two weeks left until #MesosCon

Thursday, 7 August 2014

#MesosCon, the first-ever Apache Mesos conference, takes place in Chicago on August 21 and 22. As a strong supporter of open source and the Mesos community, Twitter will be an Organizing Sponsor for this event in partnership with the Linux Foundation and LinuxCon 2014.

Apache Mesos helps power Twitter’s cloud infrastructure and is a foundational technology for how we build all our new services. Along with Apache Aurora, it increases reliability of the Twitter platform by addressing two challenges while running data center software infrastructure: application efficiency and handling failure gracefully.

Twitter is one of many companies #PoweredByMesos and contributing to the Apache Mesos project. We’re looking forward to #MesosCon as an opportunity to bring together this community of users at a single event.

The first day of #MesosCon kicks off with a keynote by Mesos PMC lead Benjamin Hindman, followed by two separate workshops designed for beginning or advanced users. The remaining schedule for day one includes the following:

  • Mesos frameworks – Apache Aurora, Marathon, Spark and a stream processing framework developed by Netflix.
  • A second keynote by John Wilkes from Google.
  • An operations perspective on Mesos discussing the challenges of running an elastic cluster and using Docker with Mesos.
  • Presentations and panel discussion from companies who use Mesos in production, such as eBay, HubSpot, Atlassian and Airbnb.

The second day includes a Mesos hackathon. As the event approaches, the Mesos community is seeking ideas for specific features and projects to work on via the community mailing list.

#MesosCon registration is open and filling up quickly so make sure you sign up today.

You can register for #MesosCon here, and Twitter’s Open Source team will be well represented. Along with Chris Aniszczyk and myself, you’ll find many members of our Platform Infrastructure Team at the event, including Bill Farner, Brian Wickman, Ben Hindman, Chris Lambert, Ben Mahler, Vinod Kone and JC Martin. Be sure to swing by and say hello!

For the latest #MesosCon updates, follow @MesosCon on Twitter.