Lightning talks at Flight

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

We’re just a week away from Twitter Flight, and we’re getting pretty excited to meet all of you awesome developers coming in from around the globe. In addition to our main agenda, we wanted to call your attention to the cool shorter sessions slated for our Lightning Theater along with some other fun activities happening at Flight.

Lightning Theater sessions

12:15 p.m. - Connecting to the pulse of the planet
Romain Huet, Developer Advocate, Twitter

Twitter is a reflection of what’s happening in the world at any given time and Twitter APIs give developers the opportunity to tap into the rich, global, real-time conversations. This talk highlights some great products that use our data in innovative ways. Featuring live (and flying!) demos to show how easy it is to get started with the Twitter platform.

12:45 p.m. - Scaling Twitter core infrastructure
Yao Yue, Staff Software Engineer, Core Infrastructure

From the old “Fail Whale” days to being a robust and reliable service, Twitter’s core infrastructure has evolved tremendously. This talk delves into what ‘Twitter scale’ means today, and how developers can prepare their services for rapid growth regardless of their current size and product development.

1:15 p.m. - The open source behind a Tweet
Chris Aniszczyk, Twitter OSS

Every Tweet you send and receive touches open source software on its journey between computers, mobile devices and you. This session offers a high-level overview on what happens behind each Tweet from the perspective of open source. Chris will detail the life of a Tweet and which open source technologies Twitter uses to scale from the backend to the frontend in order to handle more than 500 million Tweets a day.

1:45 p.m. - Android development at scale
Jan Chong, Android Engineering Manager

Twitter’s mobile applications are built by hundreds of developers working in parallel with one another. Find out how we host developers from several teams across the company in a single code base while maintaining a high quality product with weekly releases. Jan will also cover the challenges of development at scale and the tools and processes we use to manage those issues.

2:15 p.m. - Twitter in the Internet of Things
Andy Piper, Developer Advocate

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about signals; the amazing information shared on Twitter can provide context. Find out how projects use Twitter as a great place to connect their IoT data with the real world.

Session 6 - Twitter data for mobile application intelligence
Dr. Skippy, GNIP Data Scientist

Adding analysis to your mobile application can give you the edge over your competitors. In this session, we will see examples of some simple Twitter data analysis patterns with real-world examples of the results you can expect.

Session 7- Growing the Twitter developer’s toolbox
Andrew Noonan, Developer Advocate

We offer an ever-growing set of tools to help the Twitter Developer community succeed in building applications on the platform. This session covers what is possible when building on the Twitter platform. We demonstrate how you can use these tools to leverage Twitter’s APIs and build awesome applications.

Session 8 - To be revealed at Flight
Be the first to hear about new features directly from our engineers.

Session 9 - To be revealed at Flight
Be the first to hear about new features directly from our engineers.

Session 10 - Crashlytics + Twitter: Inside the M&A Process
Jeff Seibert, Co-founder, Crashlytics
Wayne Chang, Co-founder, Crashlytics
Rishi Garg, VP, Twitter Corp Dev and Strategy
Jessica Verrilli, Director of Corp Dev and Strategy

You’ve probably read about some of Twitter’s acquisitions, but you don’t typically hear what happens behind the scenes during the acquisition process, and what happens to an acquired company once it’s part of the Twitter family. Join the founders of Crashlytics as they share their company’s unique story.

Meet and mingle

Come for the fantastic technical sessions, stay for more cool activities. Come meet and mingle with fellow developers:

Oct 21, 6 p.m.: #womeninflight
Join our own @womeng team for a special gathering: #womeninflight, which kicks things off on Tuesday evening before the conference at Twitter HQ in San Francisco. Hear from a multi-generational panel of inspiring women in technology, followed by a fun happy hour. Learn more.

Oct 22, 7 a.m.: #flight5k
Are you an early riser? Join the @tweetfeet and the @TwitterOSS team at 7 a.m. as they lead a #Flight5K run around San Francisco. Limited spots available. Sign up here.

Oct 22, 5 p.m.: Happy hour
Celebrate the day of Flight and join the Twitter team and your peers over food, drinks, games and music.