How eBay uses Cards and Twitter Card analytics

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Twitter Cards give users a taste of what to expect when they head to your site. The added context makes for a richer experience by offering ways to interact with your brand beyond retweets, faves and replies.

@ebay, for example, one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, recently implemented Product and Player Cards across its site to give users more information about items being shared. Many Tweets from eBay’s site, posted by eBay or others, now include specifics such as the product name, price and an image (as shown below).

How eBay uses Cards and Twitter Card analytics

Sites like eBay that have implemented Cards now have access to Twitter Card analytics, a new product that offers related insights into how content is being shared on Twitter.

Analytics for Twitter Cards provides both aggregate metrics (total Tweets, retweets, impressions and clicks relating to your site’s pages) as well as more granular information (top links, influencers and card type performers) that can be used to inform your social strategy. And personalized insights and best practices are shared throughout to help you become even more effective.

“Twitter Card analytics help us measure how different card types are performing on our site, so that we can optimize accordingly,” said John Bodine, Senior Manager, Social Content and Insights at eBay. “The dashboard is also useful for helping us identify what specific products or influencers are driving spikes in social traffic from Twitter on any given day or week.”

If you have not yet implemented Twitter Cards, now is the perfect time to get started. Learn more here.