Improvements for Embedded Tweets

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Embedded Tweets make it easy for publishers and developers to use Tweets in their content, and today we’re excited to share a number of updates that make the product better and easier to use. Embedded Tweets now load faster, have full support for Twitter Cards, and include live Retweet and Favorite counts. Additionally, you now have the ability to embed Tweets using the “more” menu from every Tweet on and TweetDeck. To make sure embedded Tweets load quickly, we’ve reduced the number of HTTP requests required to display an embedded Tweet and improved rendering speed in the browser.

Additionally, Embedded Tweets now have full support for Twitter Cards. If you see a Tweet with a link to Flickr, Soundcloud, New York Times, Foursquare, or any of the other multitude of partners who’ve implemented support for Twitter Cards, you can now embed the fully expanded Tweet within your site.

We’ve updated the design to more closely align with the experience on Tweet permalink pages on, and to include live Retweet and Favorite counts. We’d love your feedback on these updates, so please feel free to add to this Discussion post with your thoughts. We look forward to seeing more Tweets across the web!