A timeline of API announcements

Monday, 3 December 2012

As a developer working with Twitter’s platform, you have a lot of moving parts to stay on top of. In the past few months we’ve announced new APIs, deprecated old APIs, added endpoints and additional data to responses, changed SSL certificates, and made a host of other changes. Keeping track of all the dates and details can be painful.

With that in mind, we’re releasing a page on this site which aims to answer “what API changes are coming up in the future” and “what API changes have recently happened”. So if you need to remember the sunset date for API 1.0, or when we changed the Sitestreams SSL certificate, now you need only reference dev.twitter.com/calendar.

The calendar won’t be a replacement for following the blog and @twitterapi for announcements, but will be updated as we announce and deploy changes to the platform. You’ll be able to see planned timelines for upcoming changes, and get links to the appropriate announcements. You’ll also see when previously announced changes went live. It’s about as cool as a non-chocolate-filled calendar can be.