An Ecosystem Showcase

Monday, 19 September 2011

We’ve seen some great investments in companies building on Twitter, and we’d like to see even more. It takes good technical integrations with the Twitter API to create awesome applications, and it also takes capital to scale and sustain those applications. Over the past six months, we’ve discussed areas where we see opportunities for developers: Analytics, Curation, Content, Publishing, and Enterprise. In addition to providing guidance on these areas of opportunity, we’re also working to drive more liquidity into those areas.

So this past Wednesday at Twitter Headquarters, we introduced fifty venture capitalists to five ecosystem companies, each of which is focusing on one or more of these areas. We know that the ecosystem is doing exceptional work, so we picked these companies to highlight a sample of that work: SocialFlow, DataMinr, Crowdbooster, Jess3, and Crimson Hexagon. We also held a Q&A session with members of our executive team including Dick Costolo, Satya Patel, and Ryan Sarver.

Frank Speiser of SocialFlow noted, “Events like this are great for the ecosystem. There are a lot of big businesses in addressing the valuable data and patterns in the vibrant Twitter community. We appreciate being in this great group of companies and the chance to gain exposure to top tier investors.”

We plan to do more of these events, likely on a quarterly basis. We’ll invite a number of venture firms to attend, focus on a specific theme where we see significant market opportunity, and we’ll ask a group of companies to participate. If you’re interested in participating in future events like this, please don’t hesitate to email me ([email protected]).